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experience luxury with an unlimited view

Caspio Glass Floating Stairs & Glass Rai


Our modern engineered designs adds more value to your house.

Caspio Glass Modern Frameless Glass Rail


We only use high-end local material for every single project.

Caspio Glass WIne Cellar.jpg


We have the most professional team & installation procedures.

Who We Are

Caspio Glass and Metal is a division of Siam Marine Canada Inc. specializing in design, fabrication, and installation of all types of safety glass enclosures including frame-less glass railings, stainless steel balusters, topless-bottomless glass railings using aluminium posts, shower doors, and a wide variety of different types of glass and metal works. 

We are professionals at designing and fabricating high-end metal builds for both residential and commercial projects. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we can take on all sized jobs. We are more than happy to work with you on all your glass and metal needs. 

Working with the most experienced and caring team of professionals in the business will bring you peace and satisfaction and our responsive customer service will be the icing on the cake. We take pride in our work and have always been the company that home-owners and builders trust the most once collaborated. 


Caspio Glass & Metal provides professional customer service & work hard in every given condition to provide you with the best possible results and keep you our customer for a long time. From the first time you talk to us on the phone or in person until the job is done, and even far into the future we will be here to ensure your satisfaction, so we provide 3 years of free maintenance services for all of our customers.

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