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Custom Staircases

Caspio Glass and Metal specializes in creating high-end staircases that are not only functional and safe but also visually stunning. Our expertise in glass and metal work offers a wide range of stair styles that cater to different tastes and preferences. You have the option of choosing and customizing your interior and exterior floating, zig zag, spiral, or cantilevered staircase. These styles are popular and flattering to any home design, and we work with you to bring your vision to life by choosing the right ones.


Interior/Exterior Floating Staircases

One of their most popular styles is the floating staircase. These stairs are designed to give the illusion of being suspended in mid-air, with no visible means of support. They are made using powder-coated stainless steel, which gives them a sleek, modern look. For those who prefer a more lightweight and durable option, we also offer powder-coated aluminum stairs. These are a great choice for outdoor spaces, as they are resistant to weathering and corrosion.

We also specialize in
exterior floating stairs which are perfect for creating a dramatic entrance to a building, we deliver custom designs with excellent quality and taste. These stairs are typically made with powder-coated aluminum steps and stringers which offer a combination of style and durability. Floating staircases are a popular design choice for those looking to create an open and airy space. These stairs are specifically designed to minimize or completely hide the supporting structure, giving the illusion that the stair treads are suspended in mid-air. This results in a visually stunning staircase that maximizes living space by removing any visual obstructions.



Zig Zag Staircases

For those who want something truly unique, we also offer zig-zag stairs. These stairs feature twin zig-zag shaped side or center stringers, attached to each other steps. The engineering involved in designing and constructing zigzag stairs makes them highly adaptable to any type of finish. Whether you prefer wood, stair carpet, stair runner, tiles, or even resin, this staircase style can be easily clad with any material of your choosing. Additionally, zigzag concrete stairs are another possible option for achieving a stunning contemporary staircase design.

One of the standout features of zigzag staircases is their invisible supporting structure and fixing screws, which create a continuous flow of treads and risers in a zigzag line. This results in an elegant and trendy look that's not only visually appealing but also structurally sound. In fact, we recommend zigzag stairs as one of the easiest and safest stairs to climb.

With zigzag stairs, there are no limits to the layout, meaning they can be designed to be straight, quarter turn, half turn, helical, curved, or even spiral. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create a staircase that's truly unique and personalized to your taste. The versatility and adaptability of zigzag stairs make them a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary staircase design. With a range of finishes available and endless layout possibilities, they offer a visually stunning and structurally sound solution to any space.


Spiral Staircases

The spiral staircase is a timeless design classic that is often seen in small spaces such as studio apartments. The spiral floating stair design keeps the home open and light, while its compact configuration maximizes the use of limited space. It's worth noting that there is some confusion between curved stairs and spiral stairs. Curved stairs simply turn gently while they rise, but they remain less than 90 degrees. In contrast, spiral staircases make several tight turns, often making multiple 360-degree rotations.

Floating spiral staircases can be installed in several ways, including with no steel stringer, with one specially-made, curved mono stringer, or with curved double stringers. Paired with a curved handrail, the floating spiral stair is an excellent choice for those looking to maximize space in a compact home or any remodeling architect who is working with limited room.

The spiral staircase is a classic and practical design choice for those looking to maximize space in a small area. With a range of installation options available, including floating stairs with curved stringers, we offer custom designs that are both visually appealing and structurally sound. Contact us today to explore your options and start planning your new spiral staircase.

Zig Zag

Cantilevered Staircases

Another preferred option is cantilevered stairs. These stairs are designed to give the impression that they are floating in mid-air, with no visible means of support. The stringer is secured to the building structure and then hidden in the wall making them a great choice for those who want a minimalist and clean look. The cantilever staircase is a unique and visually striking design that rejects the traditional idea of a steel staircase stringer. Instead, the treads of the staircase are fixed only at one end, with the other end either floating free or secured to glass rail or posts to hold up the handrail.

To create the cantilever effect, the treads are attached to the wall in a variety of ways. This can include using a metal frame, pockets in the wall, or even a single stringer that's fixed to the wall. This modern design is a popular choice for those looking to add a trendy remodel to their home. It's important to note that cantilever stairs can run into code compliance issues. It's crucial to always check local regulations before installing this type of staircase in your home. When done properly and within the codes, the cantilever stair can be a beautiful and unique statement piece that adds character and style to any space.

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